Practechs  ワイヤレスヘルスケアソリューションカンパニー - 株式会社プラクテックス

Wireless communication with healthcare devices

We are developing device drivers
that can communicate with
healthcare devices -
weight scales,
body composition monitor,
pedometer, sphygmomanometers,
via interfaces such as

Versatile Application Platforms that cover a wide range of vendors and devices

At Practechs we are developing
HEALTHPLAYER, that reads data
wirelessly sent from healthcare
devices. This technology is so versatile
that you can apply your input data
to various kind of products and vendors.
Furthermore, we provide with reliable platforms
where our customers can create new
healthcare apps devolpments with the obtained data.

Mobile healthcare improves your quality of life

These days more people use
smartphones and more people are
health-conscious. Practechs's aim
is to combine those two factors and
contribute to everyone's well-being.
By developing wide variety of service,
we are able
To support users' balanced diet
To help keep track of medication history
To propose tasty and healthy recipes
To help build a good relationship with counselors