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HEALTH CARE DEVICE DRIVER APP  ヘルスケアデバイスドライバ・アプリケーションの研究開発
ヘルスケアデバイスドライバ開発 ヘルスケアアプリケーション開発

At Practechs, we promote open network health care. We provide device drivers and middle wares
that allows different devices of different vendors to be operated with the same API

DEVELOPMENT of Healthcare driver devices

We are developing device drivers that can communicate with healthcare devices
- weight scales, body composition monitor, pedometer, sphygmomanometers, via interfaces
such as bluetooth/wifi/felica/nfc. Furthermore, we are promoting open network healthcare.
The divice drivers and middle wares for the open network healthcare" are available so that
users can connect different divices of different vendors by the same API

Practechs is offering our device drive softwares for healthcare appliances
in cooperation with device manufacturers.


We have devoloped several interface for our customers,so we are well-prepared
for further developments for device-drivers of any healthcare devices because we
have been engaged in a large number of interface developments -bluetooth/wifi/felica/nfc etc- and have
been building a strong bond with Japan's Healthcare device vendors since Information Grand Voyage Project.
Consulting business is another field of our expertise. Practechs is giving professional advice
regarding system consturuction with healthcare devices,


Practechs will be offering every type of device drivers for most healthcare companies.

Body composition monitor
  • BC-505(bluetooth) TANITA
  • BC-504(bluetooth) TANITA

  • Basal thermometer
  • W520DZ(felica) TERUMO

  • Pedometer
  • FS-700(felica) ESTERA
  • UW-201NFC(felica) A&D
  • FB-730(felica) TANITA

  • Sphygmomanometers
  • UA-772NFC(felica) A&D
  • Other than up above permission to use APIs of other vendors is granted.
    Contact us for more details.